Exercising while high

Exercising while high
Bend and Blaze Yoga at the Ember Hostel

Cannabis is a great supplement for performance. I use cannabis as a supplement for exercise, writing, and working. What I mean is if you have poor habits it will add-on to those poor habits. I started playing sports at a young age, and eventually signed up for a gym membership in high school. It wasn’t until college I began to consume cannabis before exercising.

Getting high before exercising puts me in a state of flow, allows me to better bare the pain, helps me lift more, and stimulates endorphins.

High Flow

Flow is a state of complete focus and attention, a narrow focus if you will. You may have experienced flow during writing a long essay for class, or reading a book. The background noise becomes faint. Vision narrows to a tunnel. Whatever is in-front of you gets more and more vivid. The body just does.

I use cannabis to help me get in a state of flow during exercise. Many times people don’t like to consume cannabis because of rampant overthinking. Mainly, the reason for overthinking is the lack of movement. Get out of your head and into the body. When I exercise my attention goes from my thoughts to my body. Focusing on the movements being performed.

High Pain Management

Cannabis helps me manage the pain of exercise. In order for muscles to grow they have to be broken down first, that’s painful. My body is recovering and sending the signal of pain to let me know. When I smoke cannabis, I feel relaxed and can handle the pain better. The pain doesn’t go away it becomes bearable. Consider adding about 10mg of CBD into the mix to boost your pain tolerance.

High Help

Cannabis helps me lift more. When I am in the state of flow, i’m focusing on the movement. Instead of overthinking my thoughts are usually singing along to the rhythm of the movement. Making it enjoyable. The thoughts of “one more” (sigh), become “one more” (yay!). What I mean is, I think about wanting to lift more, more reps, more sets, more time.

High Endorphins

Endorphins are released while exercising. They are the pleasure chemicals in the brain. Cocaine addicts experience endorphins after a line. The only difference is the endorphins released during exercise are internal, not external. The body craves endorphins and getting the natural high from exercise is the most sustainable.

Cannabis enhances the senses. After an exercise I feel good. After an exercise while high I feel great, calm, bliss.

What I do

Before a work out, I like to consume a sativa based product, sometimes it’s an edible, and others it’s smoking from a cartridge. Edibles give someone more of a wakeful body high which is great when I am about to do physical exercise. If the edible has CBD it makes the exercise that much more enjoyable because of the medicinal properties.

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