A life full of decisions

A life full of decisions

I want you to grab your phones real quick for me, and go to Google maps. Google likes to give suggestions, click on any suggestion and a local location should pop up (if you did it wrong grab a hammer and smash the phone). Now you have two dots: the blue dot is you and the red pin is the location you are trying to get too. There are an endless amount of ways to get to the red pin, some routes take longer than others, but eventually you will make it to the pin (or maybe you won’t).

The red pin is your vision. The blue pin is you, and the turns in the road are decisions. The decisions we make compound over time and turn into habits. Do the decisions you make align with your vision? To get a vision for the future, ask yourself, “what do I want?”

A life fully lived starts with asking what you want, a vision. Saying no to the decisions that don’t align with your vision. Lastly, to keep moving forward.

What do I want?

I like this question. It’s a starting point leading to more questions. When I was working at Qdoba and Target, I was asking myself this question. The answer being repeated in my head was to travel and grow. Rolling burritos was easy and there wasn’t anything — I felt — left to learn. And thus, it turned from a learning possibility into a job. The next question was “how do I travel?” Eventually, I went onto working at a hostel in another state for 7 months and gaining a experience most people don’t get.

When I was coming up with ideas on how to travel and quit my jobs, there was a lot of chatter. Some advice I took and other suggestions I said no too. I wanted to travel and explore, “but you have student loans”, “what about your friends?”, “it’s going to be a lot harder to make it without a diploma” were some of the comments. We have all been in a conversation where both parties agree to something in the spur of the moment, but when we give ourselves time to think it through no one follows up.

This time was different, I set a date and location and asked anyone to join. Also, I looked into payment options for my student loans, and deferred them (put them on hold at low interest rate). Lastly, a diploma to me was a piece of paper, I mean, other people have became successful without one, why can’t I?

I wanted to travel and said no to the offers that didn’t align with my vision of traveling. Now, I’m not perfect and said yes to some, but the majority was no. The date and location was set. Eventually, the moment came and I was on my first solo adventure.


What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

We want people to be like us, act like us, eat like us, drink like us. When there is someone who says no, it hurts. If everyone was the same this would be one boring world.

Saying no to the offers that don’t align with your vision is a big part of progress. It’s easy to say yes because it deters conflict. Except, when you are alone, thoughts creep in about who you want to be and how you’re not there yet. We beat ourselves up so much about the decisions we make.


Don’t worry about the decision you made (should be the second part of the heading). The past is gone, focus on the vision and keep moving forward.

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  1. Great post, I’m very proud of you, keep moving forward, love you, Dad😘

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