Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep It Simple Stupid


One day I was watching Grant Cardone talk about life in one of his videos, and he mentioned “KISS”: to keep it simple stupid. It was one of those ah-ha moments. Grant helped me realize another piece of the puzzle. Said another way, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Can you guess who said that? Albert Einstein. This man’s passion was to make very complex concepts as simplistic as possible for the public to understand.

The process of growth and simplicity starts with raising awareness, then study, and last, to teach what is learned.


Awareness, setting the foundation for study, is to be conscious of something. You have to become aware of something before you can study it. Here’s an example, the Amazon is the modern day wild west. We know very little about the Amazon and all the potential plant medicine it contains. We explore to become aware. Afterward, if we choose to, we can study what catches our interest.


Study is the process of trial and error. Finding what does and does not work. Life is a continual process of study, and the quickest way to learn is to experiment.


I have tried almost every diet on the spectrum — vegan to carnivore to fasting, and most diets in-between. What I have found is everyone reacts differently to food. Peanut butter may be your primary source of protein, for me it creates gas. If you feel a certain way recall what you ate in the past 48 hours. Most likely, it is what you ate that is causing you to feel a certain way.

I use myself as a lab rat to find what works for me. After experimenting on myself if someone was to ask me how to eat a ketogenic diet I can teach them how and what to expect.


Einstein said that to keep it simple stupid or you don’t understand it well enough. The writing process helps me understand what I don’t understand. Trying to articulate a concept with pen and paper (or coffee and keyboard) helps me figure out the concepts I don’t understand. I can write pages about living in a hostel because I have lived and worked (study & experiment) in a hostel for several months. But, when the time comes to write a 2,000-2,500 word article about how to start a foreclosure cleaning business I’m poking away at the keyboard staring at the word counter (click here to read that article).

To find out if you understand a concept find someone and try to teach it to them.


If you are reading this most likely you have food, water, and shelter. What else do you need: more food, more water, more shelter, more girls in the bed, more cars in the garage, more followers on the ‘gram? Society facilitates scarcity, but the world is abundant and rewards those who give.

5 simply stupid concepts:

  • Give before take
  • Prioritize sleep (take naps)
  • Move/exercise
  • Eat plants and animals (eat when hungry)
  • Follow your fears

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